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UK Hip Hop and R&B

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Excuse My French 416 is a crew of 3 friends, born and raised in France who decided to come together and build a movement

Founded in the early summer of 2014, we managed to create a strong branD

It all started from a thought, an observation about the lack of parties in the Toronto urban scene that would fit the vibe and atmosphere of the place we are coming from

France has a lot of diversity, like Toronto, and therefore the music we listen to varies. You will always get a bit of everything in the events we are hosting. From Afrobeat to old school Hip Hop, we make sure to play a range of style that some of us are missing when going to “mainstream” nightclubs. We always put the music first as we think it is the best way to bound population, And to see people from different communities come together and have fun is the most amazing achievement

"EMF 416 events are the number one spot to socialize, dance and create great memories."

Each event has its own particularity and focus, as we try to promote the culture at its best with our own emerging talents and venues in Toronto

Mixing Torontonian and Parisian artistic flows to get the best of both worlds. We have had food tasting parties with a Chef inside an art gallery, old school parties in a cocktail bar, a tattoo artist working live inside a clothing store, and so on. Constantly looking to grow and offer unforgettable moments to anyone who steps foot in one of our party

Come vibe with us!